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Council Presidency 2020

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany,

To the FRG


Please for the Attention of Chancellor

Angela Merkel

Please send this Document via E-mails en Masse!

Luebeck, 8 July 2020

Free English tanslation on 16 July 2021.

Please let the German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the corresponding people.

Shelter and Housing of "stranded" Refugees worldwide.

Dear Mrs A. Merkel, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

As can still be seen in the news, people's existence or human dignity is threatened and they still flee across the Mediterranean for these reasons, although my person had long since demanded that the causal reasons be combated through measures already mentioned for a fleeing.

These and other demands of my person have presumably been dismissed as morbid fantasy manoeuvres, because you and your kind are not even able to deal sensibly with what is currently most important, and that is the basis of life, i. e. the EARTH, and thus also no longer seem to be able to distinguish morbid manoeuvres from warnings and orders that are to be taken seriously!

If the human in church, politics, economy and science cannot make reasonable and correct distinctions in this respect, then these and other persons are already too far removed from reality and actual life, which was most likely additionally forced by the monthly full purse of each of these persons concerned.

Not only, but also due to their ignorance, you and others will "force the world against the wall" and that is not acceptable at all! The end is here in the FRG with the morbid theatre, what is being carried out at the high cost of others!

It is over now, because my time is also very short!

The morbid manoeuvres of the refugee policy have to be stopped immediately, in that all villa dwellers in the FRG and in Austria, who preferably border on a lake, a river, the sea or a body of water, have to vacate their houses, flats and especially their villas and move into the front or back garden of the said properties in order to set up home there in tents, caravans, sheds or garages, whether with or without the Corona pandemic!

You and your ilk had more than enough time through sufficient eyewitnesses in the matter to ensure a just order also for the refugees through the announced refugee policy of my person, but preferred to continue a false and very dangerous game at the high cost of others.

Not only the hometown of the called-up Authorities, which consists of three persons, but the whole of the FRG is now needed as a control centre in the matter for time reasons and if this is not decently financed and handed over by the EU in terms of costs, then the EU countries will follow suit in the same way by having to make these vacated housing facilities available exclusively for the refugees, for the homeless and for others in need.

With the force of the respective Federal Police* and the respective Federal Armed Forces under the leadership of Mrs. A. K.-K.* all so-called citizens of the already mentioned cities including Berlin will also be sat on the jerry in the truest sense of the word by dismantling all toilet bowls accordingly.

The driving of a motor vehicle by a private person will also be prohibited in the home town of my person, as the Bundeswehr soldiers will have to take over this part, as has already been determined and can be gathered from the various homepages of my person.

In a possible future, every future politician will have to think very carefully about which laws he is allowed to create and which laws are fundamentally untouchable and will remain untouchable!

Please see to it that all pipelines, all nuclear power plants, all blasting and underground nuclear tests as well as all oil extraction below the earth's crust are stopped, greatly reduced or terminated worldwide by screened security personnel.

Have the airspace greatly reduced and monitored worldwide. Don't forget to bring chemical weapons and laboratory testings under control worldwide, and please consider worldwide stockpiles of food, water and oxygen.

Don't forget satellite supplies for emergencies!

Remember: The fat years are over, because the renunciation of luxury and excessive prosperity is owed by every thinking person to the world's descendants!

The dirty games in the matter and commission of the Lord by the mendacity and blockade of the worldwide diseased population must come to an end, because without the intervention of mankind you and others will drive the world ship against the wall, which cannot be clearer every day!

If necessary, vacate the occupied seats and change to the already mentioned seats, which can be taken from the valuable homepages of my person, which have been partly predetermined for you and your kind.

    With kind regards

    Ursula Sabisch

Europe Homepage (

* Should you be of the opinion that you don't have to do anything and you are allowed to do everything, then one day, which will not be very far away, the American will have to take over this part!

HP: Please do not forget, all of you, that all luggage of every Christian may only cross the country's borders or pass through customs without wheels or rollers, so that every Christian finally understands who had to carry the heaviest luggage of all times and that from now on everyone has to bear his own lcross or even his package for a possible future!

At the same time as the excellent speech of the Chancellor from Brussels in the European Parliament, my person wrote this document and then watched the last part of the said speech via TV.

My person also likes the partly reality suppressing and very well formulated content of the speech of the Chancellor much better than the content of this document, but nevertheless my person insists on the correctness of the content of this document and on the implementation of her various documents as well, but please now in a hurry!

02.02.2021*/  Checked on 09 August 2022.