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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the WHO


To CARE International

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Luebeck, 26 April 2022

UNICEF's irresponsible Structures at great Cost to Time.

Please let that German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the corresponding people!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

Unfortunately, at the end of a miscalculation or a bad harvest or a crash on the stock exchange, today's structures and economic cycles always affect those countries of the world that cannot survive without importing goods, water, food and health care from abroad.

Especially due to the war in Europe, the consequences have become fatal for the people in the African countries, because until now the granaries of the world were Ukraine and Russia and now these granaries have been closed for a longer period of time for the starving children and their families also for other war zones of the world.

But if you look at it closely, the war in Europe did not break out exclusively because of the love of freedom, but rather because of greed, because the Ukrainians, unlike some other countries in the world, were really not that unfree.

It is also quite frightening that individual rulers can decide on this above-mentioned initial situation of famine leading to death and that the threat of millions of deaths from starvation can be pre-programmed, but nevertheless the lack of disinfectant against Malaria, for example, cannot be attributed to these aforementioned groups of people alone, but there is enough capital of the rich countries in the world and there is enough food in the world that has to be paid for and shipped immediately!

There are enough individuals, groups and institutions all over the world who have vast amounts of money at their disposal and could easily buy the current market price of grain or of vaccines from China, for example, and have it immediately distributed to Lebanon or Ethiopia or wherever hunger is threatening the world, also as CARE packages to the population.

There are enough interested people from all countries in the world whose stand up for other underdeveloped states and help where they can, but without the necessary capital for the distribution of food, water and goods, even these "heroes of the hour" are powerless against mass starvation.

And now, yesterday, my person enquired via the Internet how the salary payments of the different industries of our end time are composed or how they behave, which almost pulled the rug out from under my person's feet!

Of course, my person was particularly interested in the salary of a judge, an ambassador, a member of parliament, a minister, a chancellor and a president.

My person also "read up" on pension entitlements of these persons

on the Internet.

Of course, board members of banks, global bankers, publishers or doctors, teachers, meteorologists, psychiatrists, journalists, television directors, presenters and engineers have also become the focus of my interest in the payment of a benefit or a comparison of a benefit, although I simply do not have the time to explore further salary payments of many other professional groups such as scientists or clergymen.

However, what has really shocked my person additionally are the salary payments to the board members and to some highly remunerated occupations of UNICEF!

These people, even dark-skinned employees or executive directors of UNICEF, usually sit well-heeled and highly respected sometimes in a fine robe in front of their desks or in a public meeting room and give figures, data and forecasts about the situation and development of the Third World, often ringing the alarm bells much too late and, for example, declaring in passing that in the past year more than 140,000 more children died of Malaria last year than in the previous year, allegedly because no vaccines* medicines or mosquito nets were available for these children due to the CORONA pandemic.

With the salary payments of UNICEF, which have been published on the Internet for inspection, it has once again become clear to my person, as suspected long ago, that these described people at UNICEF will not really be interested in sustainably fighting and wanting to end hunger in the world out of self-interest, because no one of these people will easily do without such a fat monthly salary, which is especially to be blamed on the dark-skinned employees in leading positions of UNICEF!

And now this dirty poker game is over!

Those who have had more than 1,800 euros net per month, including special allowances from UNICEF, in their pockets for years will set off for the famine areas and either die of starvation on the spot with the people or make sure that everyone on the spot has enough to eat, enough medicine and water!

Otherwise, the Cudgel of my person will make these and other people beat out the money they have pocketed for years, perhaps even in a boardroom, so that others who do not live up to their responsibilities are warned, because with the life of others are not to be played poker with or trifled with!

You as UNICEF have lost the trust of my person and will please give your business shares to CARE, so that you and all others involved will know and understand who you are dealing with!

Ursula Sabisch


*It did not occur to my person that there could be no vaccines against Malaria in the 21st century!

8 May 2022 Document reviewed.